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E-TECH is one of the leading developers in California within the Telecom and Clean Transportation markets.  We work with all major carriers and Industry stakeholders to Design, Develop, and Build the infrastructure that will enable the communication and technology for tomorrow's clean energy future.

Our Services

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For the last 10 Years E-Tech has been performing New Site Builds for major Cellular Companies such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon , and T-Mobile. With new technologies emerging each year, E-Tech has been on the forefront of tower erection spanning the West Coast.

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E-Tech works with the leading innovators of electric transportation supplying them with charging stations across the west coast. With advancements in technology E-Tech has been at the forefront of providing quality construction and clean sites to the companies that expect the up most precision and quality with a diverse portfolio of charging stations available...E-Tech has built it all.

Clean Energy is tomorrow's future.  E-Tech is a leading developer of clean energy solutions in California.  E-Tech can provide consulting services as well as managing and constructing solar and battery storage projects.  E-Tech has been at the forefront of developing clean energy infrastructure and partnering with the industry to successfully deploy industrial solar and battery storage systems.  E-Tech has deployed and built multiple utility scale battery storage systems in California.

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E-Tech has the capabilities to assist and deploy your Optical Fiber Cable Network.  We have the know how to deploy both Terrestrial and Aerial Fiber links.  Our teams have experience working in all environments and terrain.  Our technicians focus on the technical details involved in the process to ensure step is performed the correct way meeting or exceeding the customer’s specification.

E-Tech has collaborated with all of the major carriers during the deployment of the new 5G technology.  We have solved many of the issues the industry faced through the complexity of shifting from macrocell site builds to the small cell.  We have developed concealment solutions approved in the major cities throughout California


E-Tech designs, builds, and installs concealment solutions for all types of 4G and 5G sites.  Our FRP Field Team has built relationship with leading manufacturers in the field such as Peabody, SCI, Stealth, and Larson.  Our team has the knowledge and experience to construct Custom and Pre-fabricated concealment structures to meet your concealment needs.


E-Tech has the Professional Engineering capabilities to support site design and provide installation services or your technology and clean transportation deployments.  We have more than a decade of experience where we've learned and developed the most innovative methods addressing the industry challenges.

E-Tech performs all aspects of civil construction and construction management.  E-Tech has experience liaising with governments, clients and other professionals and adheres to the guidelines regulated by government, local bodies and clients when planning, creating and maintaining infrastructure.  E-Tech has more than a decades experience performing this scope of work meeting all requirements set forth by their customers.



E-Tech has more than a decade of experience deploying new and innovative solutions in the Telecom and Clean Transportation industries.  Our experience in engineering and civil construction has made us a key partner with some of the world's largest construction management firms.

Proven Concealment Solutions for 4G and 5G


We are a trusted partner to all of the major wireless carriers, clean transportation providers, and tower companies in the United States.




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