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Hydrogen Fuel Stations

E-Tech  is one of a select few contractors installing the infrastructure for California’s “Hydrogen Highway”.  In 2005, the Governor’s office put forth the Hydrogen Highway initiative. Ten years later, after a rigorous qualification process, E-Tech  was selected to build Northern California’s first round of hydrogen fueling stations.  We proudly opened the first station late in 2015 and have been building multiple stations every year since.  E-Tech  was also selected to perform the upgrade at AC Transit for their fleet of Hydrogen buses.

•  E-Tech  employs a team of hydrogen specialists with experience in the handling and construction of Hi-P lines and components. From the storage compound to the hydrogen dispenser, we have the skills and competency to deliver on your project.

•  Our experience helps solve the unique challenges each station presents. 

•  Record keeping and reporting are important factors when working on projects funded by the California Energy Commission. Our experience delivering this clean infrastructure ensures that you will have the details and documentation required by the respective regulator.

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